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Maire Drawing :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 3 5 Duck Drawing :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 3 0
That Picture Boy (NSFW)
You know that boy who took a pic of me?
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the photo he took of me. But that's OK. This has been happening on the bus.
Jesse...Jesse is a pervert.
He's rude, annoying, plays some God forsaken high pitched noise, winks at me...and he loves me.
You guys already know I have a boyfriend, so this is extremely scary to me.
I'm a minor. He is a senior in high school. He can't really do this to me.
He told me, and I quote,
"If you love me let me cum in my sleep."
Yeah. He told me that, then he winked at me.
I'm truly scared to get on the bus tomorrow. I'm going to have major anxiety until this is dealt with. I'm getting it just talking about it.
I'm currently sitting in the back. He has to sit up in the front.
Please, if you have any advice, (other than the police) tell me. I'm very scared. I've always feared this will happen to me and it finally has. I just want it to end. This is not fake. I'm being truthful.
Thank you.
:iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 13
more InsaneGoldie :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 0 Goldie :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0 Wishes :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 1 Teddy Fazbear :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0 The Blood Maker :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 2
The Forest part 4
They drove for the few hours in silence.
Mark broke it suddenly, clearing his throat.
    " Why you guys so quiet?" Mark asked, but soon realized that he was technically talking to himself.
  Jack had fallen asleep against the window, his hand on his cheek. His green hair was sticking up at random angles.
 Jayla was asleep as well. She had her headphones in, probably listening to music, and her head was lolled to one side, mumbling something to herself.
   " You guys are so adorable. " Mark continued. He stopped into a Gas Station and woke up Jayla.
    " Hm? " Jayla said, her eyes still closed. She stretched and leaned her head against the window.
    " I need somebody to stay awake while I get gas and snacks. This place is pretty shady. " Mark explained. She nodded. Mark squeezed her hand, and stepped out of the car.
As I walked out of the car, I just about tripped over my own feet. The gravel was so torn and cracked up.
:iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 1 0
TN@T's 2 crew (Excluding Marie) :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 3 5 Jayla Uniform :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 3 5 Jayla :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 3
The Forest Part 3
  " Hey, Jayla? Your friends here! "
Jack opened the door to see a girl with a tang top on, shorts, flip flops, and a water bottle. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and red lipstick. Summer had just started.
   " Thanks, Dad! Love you! " Jayla said. She had a tang top on as well, but it was thick strap. She had a skirt on with ( Shorts connected!!) purple flip flops.
     She gave Jack a peck on the cheek, grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, and ran out the door.
       " Mark! Come here. " Jack said, and Mark trudged over to Jack.
       " Hi. " he said. He looked tired.
       " Hey, you OK? " Jack asked in concern.
       " No. "
       " What's wrong? "
       " I don't feel good. "
       " Well, what's bothering you? "
       " My head and stomach. "
    Jack looked over at t
:iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 1 0
Two Nights @ Teddy's :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 5 3 looks like I have competition :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 3 Catrine Demew :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 8 0


zootopia :iconn09142:n09142 231 11 Zootopia by eyeb0nez :iconghosticalz:Ghosticalz 206 21 Zootopia Human :iconlillkun:Lillkun 625 47 Another naturalist experience! :iconsleevia:Sleevia 1,200 226 Dumb Bunny, Dumb Fox :iconmissmikopete:MissMikopete 1,318 315 Shipping? :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 747 141 Nick and Judy :icontatujapa:Tatujapa 711 49 Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde 2 :iconrozemira:rozemira 1,718 56 Zootropia alternative ending? :iconlyrin93:Lyrin93 1,196 222 Zootopia fanart_ :iconchichiriyuki:ChichiriYuki 1,621 104 Nick and Judy - Zootopia :iconamand4:Amand4 2,144 513 Telethia Ahegao Meme :iconscorpdk:ScorpDK 320 4 Mihari Stream Doodle :iconscorpdk:ScorpDK 332 12 Mihari Minidress :iconscorpdk:ScorpDK 401 10 The End of Harmony :iconyamino:Yamino 1,428 91 Derpy Hooves :iconninja-8004:Ninja-8004 2,663 190


Lizzy is Charlie's younger sister.
She is just as insane as Goldie. Only when she wants to.
Lizzy loves Marie.
She hates makeup and thinks everyone should just go natural beauty.
Her stage name is Toy Francis.
She has brown hair, like her father, (Toy Freddy), but her hair will change to blonde when it gets wet or she is golden Freddy.
She's Toy Freddy, but will be Golden Freddy when Charlie can't.
She is pretty good at piano, but David is the only one who knows. He hasn't told anyone.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm just another Jenna in this world.
If you want a request done, just ask! I'm always up for new opportunities.

I love Panic! At the Disco, Get Scared, Fall Out Boy, TOP, you name it, I like it. Or never heard of it. :)

I have a brother, but we'll call him Bro. I'm not saying his real name because he doesn't have an account.

I'm just a girl with ADHD and depression. Like, comment, and watch if wanted.
Thanks for stopping by!


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