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Stringiplier, Blind Tyler, Athony, Jack-a-Puppet by InsaneGoldie Stringiplier, Blind Tyler, Athony, Jack-a-Puppet :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 5 0 Happy Birthday, Markiplier! by InsaneGoldie Happy Birthday, Markiplier! :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 5 0 Chico and Charlie Redraw by InsaneGoldie Chico and Charlie Redraw :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 0
Pax Nightmare Part 2
 (Disclaimer: Some cursing and gore! No real directions are in this story)
 Jack drove the long winding road for about an hour. Mark's usually tan face was stark white, and he continued to whimper as the bumps in the rocky road wrenched his injured leg up.
Jack saw lights ahead, knowing it was a city. Miami was full of party people, right?
 Suddenly, a girl spotted the bright green hair of Jack. He had the windows open.
      "Hey, Plant Boy. Got lost?" said a girl with short red hair said. She had a pink tangtop and black board shorts on. Her blue glasses shined behind her dark green eyes. Her skin shined in the bright moonlight. She noticed Mark on his shoulder.
    "Dude,is your friend OK?" she said, looking worried.
    "No, he isn't. Can you give me directions to the nearest hospital? " Jack asked, and the girl nodded.
" Take a left at Crisis Drive, and then drive straight for about half a mile. You can't miss it." the girl said, b
:iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 2
Marie( Summer 2017 Version) by InsaneGoldie
Mature content
Marie( Summer 2017 Version) :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 0
Marie (Early 2017 Version)READ DESCRIPTION!!! by InsaneGoldie
Mature content
Marie (Early 2017 Version)READ DESCRIPTION!!! :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0
BloodySleep by InsaneGoldie
Mature content
BloodySleep :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 1 2
InsaneGoldie as a Human by InsaneGoldie InsaneGoldie as a Human :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 3 4 OC's by InsaneGoldie OC's :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 0 Ticker by InsaneGoldie Ticker :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 3 0 Wasteful by InsaneGoldie Wasteful :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0 Crisis Dog by InsaneGoldie Crisis Dog :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0 Mousy by InsaneGoldie
Mature content
Mousy :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0
InsaneGoldie's Birthday! by InsaneGoldie InsaneGoldie's Birthday! :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 7 14 Cory SpeedPaint by InsaneGoldie Cory SpeedPaint :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 4 0 Cory by InsaneGoldie Cory :iconinsanegoldie:InsaneGoldie 2 0


Humane by KyuubixKube Humane :iconkyuubixkube:KyuubixKube 1 6 Rainbow Virus by LuckyEmerald269 Rainbow Virus :iconluckyemerald269:LuckyEmerald269 17 17 i want her to walk into MY life by Umbrony i want her to walk into MY life :iconumbrony:Umbrony 180 9
Pain Killer - Septiplier AU\One-Shot
Jack's/Sean's POV:
The night was quiet. As the rain fell from the sky, the road ahead of me was blurred. The only sounds I could hear was the rain on the rooftop of my car and the tires against the asphalt.
Asphalt. Huh. What a funny word.
The radio was on, but not blasting. I just don't understand why some people turn up their stereos all the way. It's too loud. Hah. Even for me.
I tried my hardest to focus on the road in front of me, but I couldn't see a damn thing. The rain was too heavy tonight. Why did I even go out this late? Right. I needed to tell Mark something. Something that could A: ruin our friendship. Or B: be beneficial in our lives. Mark was handsome man in his late twenties. He had those chocolate brown eyes that no one could ever understand. And his smile. His smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
I was soon pulled out of my daydream by a loud noise. Not just any noise. A semi-truck.
Before I could register
:iconartistoftennessee:ArtIstOfTennessee 8 29
Hello? Anybody there?

You're sitting in your room, wondering what to do since the power is out. You stand up and walk around your room, bored as can be, wielding only a flashlight. You walk out of the room, to the hallway, looking out the window for a clearer view...

   It's deathly silent, the only sound is from the heavy rain hitting the glass. Once in a while, though, the storm picks up, making the trees surrounding the house whip around. You can see the lightning through the blinds, hear the thunder in the walls. The clouds cover up the sky putting everything into darkness each minute consuming more and more of the sky. The streetlights usually come on at this time- illuminating the area just below- but there is only one street light on that you can see. You look at the light, starting to flicker. You see, on the last flicker, a person standing there. A lightning bolt strikes the house across the street and you seemingly black out. Once you wake up,
:iconseptiplierismehotp:SeptiplierIsMehOTP 3 11
...The slap sent Jack's head back, and he spat blood from his mouth. Dark's hand was around his throat before he could say anything else.
Mark awoke to the sound of jack, crying out. He immediately stood up, a wave of pain and nausea arose and he was forced to sit down before it became unbearable. He whipped around, trying to find his beloved friend, the only one who understood him in this hellscape, his surroundings became familiar... The 'Nightmare Room' as Sean had called it. Immediately, as if someone knew he had remembered where he was, a light turned on. 
"Jack!" Mark cried out, running over to the glass, threatening to break it. 
Jack's eyes swung to the window, tears in his eyes, the glass wavered, the only thing separating mark from strangling his demonic identity. Jack struggled to get loose, as he screamed out to tell Mark to go away, to not try to help him, all hell broke loose.
I don't exactly know if I was supposed to write
:iconseptiplierismehotp:SeptiplierIsMehOTP 6 5
Septiplier: Let Me Take The Wheel
“Hey, are you doing okay?” Mark asked, sitting in the passenger seat of the car. He pushed his red hair out of his face, placing his hand on Jack’s arm.
“Me? Ya, I’m fine.” Jack replied, eyes glued to the road, flinching when Mark’s hand came in contact with his own.
Mark shook his head, worry in his voice,“You’ve been driving for hours.”
“No, I’m fine Mark. Honest, I’m fine.” Jack replied, glancing over at his boyfriend and flashing him a smile.
Mark shrugged, “Okay, I guess… If you need a break, just tell me.”
Jack smiled, pushing his green bangs out of his face, “I will, don’t worry your pretty little head.”
The two continued down the road in silence, the only noise from Mark’s DS. Jack’s eyes were glued to the road as Mark continued to play his glorified farming simulator, Harvest Moon.
Eventually, the two made it to a small gas station as the sun bega
:iconarielthehedgehog99:arielthehedgehog99 9 6
@ThatGayShit by Barking--Cat @ThatGayShit :iconbarking--cat:Barking--Cat 13 2
Imaginary... That's what Jack called him. That's how Jack knew him. He made him up... Or was he real all along?
He called this creature Anti, this was his opposite, a friend, almost like family. He and Anti had been friends for a while before he became 'famous'. Jack thought he had made him up, but he was wrong. He'd learn this before too long, that Anti was real...

Jack finished up the last video of the day and pushed away from the desk, spinning in his swivel chair, laughing. After spinning around, acting childish, he remembered something... "Anti!" Jack called in a contented tone. No reply. He called again, thinking he'd probably not heard him. Nothing. Jack was getting worried, checking other rooms in the house to make sure he wasn't trying to play hide-and-seek with him... He was nowhere to be seen... As he entered his room, the door swung shut. Jack swiveled around- his eyes showing signs of fear, confusion, and hinting at a bit of shoc
:iconseptiplierismehotp:SeptiplierIsMehOTP 5 5
Alone time by Kayroos Alone time :iconkayroos:Kayroos 216 6 On the other end by Kayroos On the other end :iconkayroos:Kayroos 209 6 '' But maybe it's for the better.. '' by KyuubixKube
Mature content
'' But maybe it's for the better.. '' :iconkyuubixkube:KyuubixKube 5 0
[+Video] Maid Day by Hyan-Doodles [+Video] Maid Day :iconhyan-doodles:Hyan-Doodles 731 31 More Cuteness by CaseyKeshui More Cuteness :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 207 34 Septilplier by CaseyKeshui Septilplier :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 200 9 Uh-Oh by CaseyKeshui Uh-Oh :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 217 19



Anyone have Tumblr so I can follow you?
Anyone have Tumblr so I can follow them?
Stringiplier, Blind Tyler, Athony, Jack-a-Puppet
All of these are my idea and are my creations. 
Stringiplier is Markiplier but with his neck, arms, and legs cut off. But he can still use his arms and legs. 
Blind Tyler is Tyler, but his eyes are missing and oil is dripping from them. His hands are covered in oil.(Apocalypto_12)
Athony is Ethan, but with only one eye and a whip. He has one wing and is completely insane. He has a dog that posses him and is always by his side.
Jack-a-Puppet is the Puppet version of Jack. He is controlled by Anti. 


If you think this deserves to be sent to him send him a cheeky tweet please 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Earlier today I was watching That Dragon, Cancer. When the pictures of Joel came up I burst out crying. I never usually cry at these types of subjects, but it just reminded me of when my Nana died. She was an amazing woman. I never got to hang out with her much, as my brother was always with her, but now that I look back on it I wish I had spent more time with her. I miss her so much. She didn't die of cancer, I think she had a heart attack,but I was so young.
Please, anyone out there fighting cancer, or any other disease, keep fighting! You can do it! You need to keep fighting.
I actually just started crying again while writing this, but I'm OK.
Stay Insane My Friends.


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United States
I'm just another Jenna in this world.
If you want a request done, just ask! I'm always up for new opportunities.

I love Panic! At the Disco, Get Scared, Fall Out Boy, TOP, you name it, I like it. Or never heard of it. :)

I have a brother, but we'll call him Bro. I'm not saying his real name because he doesn't have an account.

I'm just a girl with ADHD and depression. Like, comment, and watch if wanted.
Thanks for stopping by!


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